RM-493: MC4R Peptide Therapeutic
A new drug class for the treatment of obesity and diabetes

Developing new therapies for obesity is challenging because feeding represents a complex, physiologic function necessary for survival, with many redundant pathways. Recent studies suggest that a common pathway responsible for suppression of feeding and regulation of energy homeostasis is mediated by the melanocortin type 4 receptor (MC4R). In humans, mutations of MC4R are associated with obesity and are estimated to be responsible for 4%-6% of all severe obesity. In preclinical studies, when stimulated, MC4R induces a dramatic reduction in both food intake and body weight.

RM-493 is a small peptide agonist with high specificity for MC4R. In preclinical studies, RM-493 induced dramatic reductions in food intake, body weight, and insulin resistance.

Development Stage:
RM-493 is in Phase 2 clinical trials as a potential new treatment for obesity and diabetes that reduces body fat and insulin resistance and improves cardiovascular function. Rhythm has also initiated a clinical trial with RM-493 for the treatment of obesity in individuals with a genetic deficiency in the MC4R pathway, a personalized medicine approach to restore function in this pathway and improve weight regulation.