Rhythm’s Genetic Obesity Learning Development (GOLD) Academy brings together healthcare providers to learn about rare genetic causes of obesity and the role of the melanocortin-4 receptor pathway in regulating hunger, caloric intake, energy expenditure, and consequently body weight. GOLD Academy programs, which are U.S. based non-CME programs sponsored by Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, are physician-led, interactive presentations.

GOLD Academy faculty come from large academic institutions as well as community practices, and all share a commitment to building a community of providers who are passionate about rare genetic diseases of obesity. Since the launch of GOLD Academy in 2019, more than 750 U.S. healthcare providers including endocrinologists, pediatricians, obesity specialists, bariatric surgeons, nurse practitioners, internists and more have participated in these interactive sessions.

Physician-led GOLD Academy programs can be web-based or in-person. These 30 to 90-minute sessions focus on:

Join us to learn more about why not all obesity is the same and help build a community of healthcare providers who share a passion in the fight against obesity.

Please reach out to your Rhythm Pharmaceuticals colleague or email [email protected] for more information.